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About Us

Welcome to the highly profitable world of Wonder Wafers International. We are now entering our 44th year as a leader and innovator in the Air Freshener Industry. Our Corporate offices along with our 50,000 sq. ft. factory/warehouse is located in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area of Texas in the U.S.A.
With over ten years of owning and operating several family-owned full services and exterior car washes, Wonder Wafers owners, founders, and inventors – David and Cheryl Mobley – lay the foundation to re-invent the automotive Air Freshener Industry into what it has become today!
Our Company has invented many “firsts” in the Industry!

  • First to introduce the popular 2 oz. pump spray retail air freshener in 1980
  • First to introduce a non-flammable liquid air freshener in 1984 for much safer shipping and usage
  • First to introduce and expand the largest line of air freshener selections to the industry in 1985
  • First to introduce Insta-Scent – the “first of its kind” liquid concentrated air freshener in 1986

Although we are very proud of these “first time ever” achievements – we knew there could be a vast improvement in the application and usage of automotive Air Fresheners. In 1995 – after carefully listening to our customer’s wants, needs, and concerns – we set out to change the way air fresheners were used and sold throughout the Industry. Using our many years of experience in the Car Wash and Automotive Air Freshener Industry – we invented, patented, and introduced yet another “1st” that would forever change the way these Industries would apply and sell their Air Fresheners…Wonder Wafers! The little wafer that changed the world of Air Fresheners.


Long Lasting Wonder Wafer Air Freshener 250 ct Bag

Wonder Wafers are the “first of its kind” ultra scented Wafer Air Fresheners that are so unique – they received a U.S. Patent in 2000 along with a second U.S. Patent in 2011 including several more Patents Pending. After their introduction – Wonder Wafers grew in such popularity that they are now the preferred Air Freshener chosen by many Industries around the globe. In fact – they are so popular there have been over one billion Wonder Wafers sold worldwide!!

There seems to be no limit to their application. They are used in Cars, Boats, Aircraft, RVs, Hotels, Lake Houses, Homes, Lockers, Gym Bags, Offices… Practically Everywhere around the World!



aqua frost1. THE MATERIAL: There was only one material we found in existence that absorbed and permeated air freshener perfume oils effectively. We tested many forms of cotton, cloth, cork, plastic, felt, wood and many other types of materials. All of these others failed miserably! Only the specially woven paper blend that we developed and still use today passed the test – and needless to say – it performed flawlessly!

2. THE FORMULA: Our proprietary formulated blend of high-grade lifters and aromatically precise perfume oils took several years of trial and error tests to finally perfect. In fact – once completed – our formula worked so well and was so unique – that it was awarded a U.S. Patent!

3. PRINTING: Our specially woven blend of paper also allows us to print important information directly on the wafer!


  1. No more liquid problems!
  2. No more waste or spills!
  3. No more freeze problems!
  4. No more spray bottles!
  5. No more expensive applicator machines to have to buy and maintain!
  6. No more guessing if the customers air freshener was applied properly or if at all!
  7. Greatly reduces the chance of staining or damage!
  8. The uniqueness of Wonder Wafers will increase your sales, profit margins and more happy customers!
  9. Wonder Wafers work much better than liquid air fresheners simply because they release the perfume oils evenly and perfectly over a period of time instead of being overwhelming in the beginning and weakening much too rapidly!
  10. Wonder Wafers are extremely cost effective versus all leading liquid, aerosol and other types of auto air fresheners and fragrances!
  11. Increase sales with brand name recognition! Wonder Wafers are proven, known and sold worldwide!