Wonder Wafers Air Fresheners

The World’s Most Perfect Air Fresheners!®

300 Count Individually-Wrapped Diamond-Ultra Wonder Wafers Dispenser Paks

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1 Pak
$57.95 Per Pak
2 Paks
$42.95 Per Pak
4 Paks
$40.95 Per Pak
8 Paks
$38.95 Per Pak
12 Paks
$36.95 Per Pak


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  • Contains 300 Individually Wrapped Diamond-Ultra Wonder Wafers Per Dispenser Pak!
  • The Multi-Patented ‘First Of Its Kind’ Ultra-Scented Wafer Air Freshener To Ever Be Introduced!
  • Individually Packaged For Easy And Convenient Handouts Allowing Your Customers To Apply Their Own Air Fresheners – Wherever, Whenever!
  • Individually Packaged In Our Trademarked/Patent Pending Air-Tight Crystal Clear Wonder Wrap ® To Guarantee Product Freshness!
  • Wonder Wafers Are 100% ‘Air-Activated’, Environmentally Friendly, And Contain Zero Known Carcinogens!
  • Wonder Wafers Are Fully Compliant With IFRA (International Fragrance Research Association)!
  • Wonder Wafers Are Fully Compliant With California’s Prop 65 – Because We Care!
  • Super Easy Application. No Messy Or Harmful Liquid Sprays Or Gels!
  • Packed in Easy-Open/Easy-Close Moisture Barrier Hinged Lid Dispensers!
  • Wonder Wafers Have Been Featured On Several Hit TV Series And Shows!
  • Wonder Wafers Have Become The Preferred Air Freshener Choice Of Many Industries Around The Globe!
  • Over ONE BILLION Wonder Wafers Have Been Sold And/Or Used Worldwide!
  • Wonder Wafers Are Perfect To Use In Cars, Homes, Offices, Boats, RV’s – Practically Anywhere!
  • Wonder Wafers Are Available In 24 Long-Lasting Scents!
  • Wonder Wafers Out-Performs All Other Air Fresheners – GUARANTEED!

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Wonder Wafers Have Been Seen On Many Of Your Favorite Local and National TV Channels


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52 reviews for 300 Count Individually-Wrapped Diamond-Ultra Wonder Wafers Dispenser Paks

  1. kiefer34

    I purchased multiple orders from Wonder Wafers International. I love the “ New Leather” scent. I use them in my cars, and in my home. I recommend their products to everyone. When someone enters my car, they immediately comment on the scent of my leather interior. I purchased both individually wrapped and canister of unwrapped, scent is just as strong and long lasting in both products. Toss one under each front seat and enjoy the great smell!

  2. Reggy G.

    Dude, your stuff is the greatest! Thanks guys, keep up the good work! Wonder Wafers Air Fresheners perform exactly the way you claim. We have no regrets!

  3. Kevan C.

    We have no regrets! You’re Sampler Paks greatly helped us decide what fragrance selections to purchase. Great idea Wonder Wafers! We chose 12 of your wonderful and true to life scents. We love them…

  4. Vibhu.W.

    I don’t know what else to say. Since I invested in Wonder Wafers several years ago – I’ve made over 100,000 dollars or more in profits!

  5. Stanley S.

    Wonder Wafers fit our needs perfectly. Your company is truly upstanding and is behind its product 100%. Without Wonder Wafers Air Fresheners Sampler Paks, we simply would not being using or selling air fresheners…

  6. Corinda V.

    “I would like to personally thank you for your outstanding product.”

  7. Helaine Z.

    “I’m good to go. Just what I was looking for. Thank You! Thanks for the great service.”

  8. Atalanta M.

    Without Selling Wonder Wafers Air Fresheners For Our Fundraiser, we would have gone bankrupt by now. Keep up the excellent work. Best Product – Ever!

  9. Ike U.

    “If you want real marketing that works and effective implementation – Selling Wonder Wafers Air Fresheners For Your next Fundraiser project will have you covered. I wish I would have thought of it first. Selling Wonder Wafers Air Fresheners For Our Fundraisers were and still are the most valuable business resource we have EVER purchased. You won’t regret it.”

  10. Avraham B.

    “Really good. Wonder Wafers Air Fresheners is the most valuable business resource we have EVER purchased. It’s incredible.”

  11. Zonnia E.

    “Wonder Wafers Air Fresheners is the most valuable business resource we have EVER purchased. Definitely worth the investment. We’re loving it. I love Wonder Wafers Air Fresheners.”

  12. Lindi Y.

    “Keep up the excellent work. Our team made back the purchase price in just 48 hours selling these great Individually Wrapped Wonder Wafers for our yearly Fundraiser…

  13. Hailey B.

    “The service was excellent. I love your system. Wonder Wafers Air Fresheners saved my business.”

  14. Fortuna H.

    “It’s the perfect solution for our business. Wonder Wafers Air Fresheners is worth much more than I paid.”

  15. Niall C.

    “After using Wonder Wafers Air Fresheners my business skyrocketed! Wonder Wafers Air Fresheners is worth much more than I paid. If you aren’t sure, always go for Wonder Wafers Air Fresheners.”

  16. Shauna E.

    “It’s just amazing. I have gotten at least 50 times the value from Wonder Wafers Air Fresheners. If you want real marketing that works and effective implementation – Wonder Wafers Air Fresheners has you covered.”

  17. Jennifer R.

    Wonder Wafers are very easy to use. Thanks for the great service.

  18. Nevil F.

    “Thanks Wonder Wafers Air Fresheners!”

  19. Melodee Z.

    “It really saves me time and effort. Wonder Wafers Air Fresheners is exactly what our business has been lacking.”

  20. Annie L.

    “It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. We can’t understand how we’ve been living without Wonder Wafers Air Fresheners. It’s all good. We’re loving it.”

  21. Linda J.

    Wonder Wafers dramatically increased our FUNDRAISING profits! Everyone really loves this product!

  22. Avi K. – A List Limousine

    We are very happy with the Wonder Wafers because they last longer than ANYTHING else we have ever tried!

  23. Gordonville Gift & Country Store

    We’ve been selling Wonder Wafers at our Gift Shop and Country Store for a very long time. They sell REALLY FAST and our customers absolutely love them!!

  24. Park Place Lexus

    Our clients are loyal to the Wonder Wafers because they are long lasting and easy to use!

  25. Hub Auto Supply

    From the time we added Wonder Wafers to our line of products, we knew we had a winner. Wonder Wafers are GREAT!

  26. Morgan Hill Car Washes & Gift Shop

    Wonder Wafers are GREAT! We changed over from liquid air fresheners immediately!

  27. Scott H. – Terrible Herbst Car Washes

    Wonder Wafers are really working great in our Car Washes! We use the individually wrapped Promotional Wonder Wafers and have our Service Advisors hand them out at the check-out area. Our customers really enjoy picking out their favorite fragrance. Many of our customers like to purchase extra Wonder Wafers – sometimes as many as 4 or 5 extra! We don’t have to worry about the mess or inconsistencies that liquid spray air fresheners cause and being that our Service Advisors hand them out – Wonder Wafers are basically “labor free” to disperse to our customers. Terrible Herbst Car Washes and Convenience Stores are family owned and operated. Quality and service is our primary focus here at Terrible Herbst. We know Wonder Wafers is also family owned and operated and their main focus is also quality and service. Product consistency along with quality, service and pricing. It all goes together. Add it all up – and Wonder Wafers are our #1 choice of Air Fresheners!

  28. Mark E. – Finish Line Car Washes

    I just wanted to let you know how impressed we are with Wonder Wafers. In talking with our customers – we learned that they really appreciate the more consistent fragrance. We noticed that liquid air fresheners caused staining. Wonder Wafers eliminated this problem completely! We also realized a savings not having to use messy bottles and trigger sprayers to apply those messy liquid air fresheners. Please feel free to share my Testimonial with anyone thinking about using or selling air fresheners at their business!

  29. Joe M. – Jiffy Lube

    I just wanted to drop you a note on how happy we are with your product. We here at Atlantic Coast Enterprises dba JIFFY LUBE are offering Wonder Wafers as a no charge added value to every oil change we do. Here at JIFFY LUBE – our goal is to add as much value as we can to the customers JIFFY LUBE experience. Your product allows us to accomplish that goal with minimal effect to our bottom line. I always smile when visiting one of our 50 locations and see the customers reaction when they receive their Wonder Wafer Air Freshener. It’s the little things that keep customers coming back to JIFFY LUBE. Thanks again Wonder Wafers for a great product!

  30. North Branch Car Wash

    The transition from liquid air fresheners to Wonder Wafers was seamless! No more stained carpets and no more sticky hands. It’s true – ONE Wonder Wafer does the job!

  31. Linda J.

    Wonder Wafers dramatically increased our FUNDRAISING profits! Everyone really loves this product!

  32. Robert’s Auto Detail

    I use Wonder Wafers in my full service Detail Shop on all of my full and partial Details. My customers and Dealer accounts are very happy with the Wonder Wafers I offer!

  33. Interstate Truck Rental

    We are a truck rental company. We like for our trucks to smell nice for our customers. Wonder Wafers are the BEST method we ever found to use. We’ll keep ordering!

  34. Sunrise Touchless Car Washes

    What separates Wonder Wafers from the rest is its ease of application! There is no longer the need for messy spray bottles. We simply place a single Wonder Wafers under the drivers side front seat – and we’re done!

  35. Vintage Car Wash

    I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how happy we are with Wonder Wafers. The application is WORRY FREE and they have a vast selection of scents!

  36. Royal Car Wash

    The time saved with Wonder Wafers is fantastic compared to when we used to use liquid air fresheners! Our customers simply choose their scent and out the door they go.

  37. Country Club Car Washes

    Wonder Wafers are GREAT! No messy bottles and always the right amount! We’ve used Wonder Wafers for over 10 years! Our customers and crew love them.

  38. Super Slant Car Wash

    We’ve used your product for the past 15 years and have found that Wonder Wafers are THE BEST! Just place a Wonder Wafer under the front seat – and you’re done! Our customers are very happy. The retail sales of Wonder Wafers in our lobby is great. Thanks for a very good product!

  39. White Rock Car Bath

    We are very happy with Wonder Wafers! We hand them out to our customers at the check-out area. Our customers always buy extra Wonder Wafers in our Retail Lobby!

  40. Main Street Car Washes

    Wonder Wafers are really working well in our car washes! We don’t have to guess if our employees are putting to much (or to little) like the liquid air fresheners we used to use. Another plus is that if the customer doesn’t like a particular aroma – the Wafer can easily be removed and changed. Thanks Wonder Wafers!

  41. Octopus Car Washes

    Wonder Wafers are a great choice! The quality and long lasting aroma stays consistent and does not fade like other fragrances. What separates Wonder Wafers from everyone else is Quality, Customer Service and always trying to improve on something that already is – THE BEST!

  42. Northville Car Wash

    We are getting nothing but compliments! Our customers LOVE Wonder Wafers! We have been in the carwash business for over 40 years and have seen a lot of so-called “MIRACLE” products that didn’t deliver. But Wonder Wafers did. They are the real thing.

  43. Wash-O-Rama Car Washes

    Wonder Wafers are fantastic and sell great! And they offer great service. We have used Wonder Wafers for years and would not consider switching to any other brand!

  44. Pamela P. – Ludington RV

    I’ve tried almost everything on the market for the past several years and NOTHING compares to Wonder Wafers!

  45. Cheney S.

    I own a rather large chain of full service car washes. Have so for over 17 years. A friend of mine who got me started in the car washing business turned me on to Wonder Wafers shortly after we first opened. I have never tried anything other brand or type of air freshener. No need – my customers, my employees and I all LOVE Wonder Wafers. We’re a customer for life.

  46. Randy R.

    Simply unbelievable how such a small and inexpensive air freshener can make such an impact, These things pack one powerful punch. Bottom line – WONDER WAFERS are the best…

  47. Tom R.

    After using messy liquids for over a decade at my carwashes – I finally found what truly is the world’s most perfect air fresheners – Wonder Wafers. No more liquid spray air fresheners ever again. Thank You Wonder Wafers!

  48. Cynthia

    Wonder Wafers has saved me $$. I can buy in bulk and don’t have to spend my money on containers every time I need to buy my wafers.

  49. Cherie C.

    My customers just could not be happier. I only have one thing to say. Wonder Wafers – you are the best!!!! PERIOD!!!!

  50. Greg Roddy

    I have started using your Wonder Wafers in my car and I have never been happier with an air freshener… Please don’t ever, ever go out of business… I don’t know what I’d do – LOL…. I have been telling everyone I know that uses air fresheners about your product.

  51. Ray

    Have been using WW for years. Have 2 vehicles that both have leather. I now drive for Uber and use the Nu Leather wafer. I always get compliments from my riders about the leather scent when they get in and I always tell them that it’s thanks to Wonder Wafers.

  52. Juan

    I really like the new box that my Wonder Wafers came in. The hinged lid stays closed when I close it.

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