Wonder Wafers Air Fresheners

The World’s Most Perfect Air Fresheners!®


Our Multi-Patented Wonder Wafers truly are the World’s Most Perfect Air Fresheners!…®

Creators of

Diamond-Ultra Wafer Air Fresheners®

Plus our all new

Custom-Image Wafer Air Fresheners 

For more information about our new Custom-Image Wafer Air Fresheners Call us at:

Toll-Free: 1-800-826-6338

International: +1-817-281-9306

There are many great reasons to use and sell Wonder Wafers® at your business

No More Liquid Problems!

No More Waste Or Spills!

No More Winter Freeze Problems!

No More Spray Bottles!

No More Expensive Applicator Machines To Buy And Maintain

No More Guessing If Your Customers Air Freshener Was Properly Applied

Greatly reduces the chance of staining or damage when used properly unlike many other air freshener products

Wonder Wafers work much better than liquid air fresheners simply because they release the fragrance evenly over several days, instead of being overwhelming in the beginning and then weakening  rapidly

Wonder Wafers are extremely cost effective versus other leading liquid, aerosol, gel and most other types of air freshener


Increase your air freshener sales and customer satisfaction with Wonder Wafers worldwide brand name recognition!

Wonder Wafers are proven, well known and loved by millions of long-term dedicated customers

 Wonder Wafers are ‘Air-Activated’, environmentally friendly and contain ZERO known carcinogens


Wonder Wafers are the safest and easiest-to-use air fresheners on the market today! Wonder wafers are air-activated, environmentally friendly and contain zero carcinogens. It’s no wonder that Wonder Wafers are considered – The World’s Most Perfect Air Fresheners! ®